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 Who loves drama?

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PostSubject: Who loves drama?   Mon Apr 06, 2009 1:49 pm

Let me make this point clear - We do not.

Straight out from out charter:
"we do not believe in bringing our real life issues into the game and we ask for all our members to practise that courtesy. The guild, raid and party chats are not places to vent your frustrations. An open mind and respect for guildies of all creeds are important."

Forming factions within the guild is contrary to the guild charter and will not be tolerated. If have issues with a guild member, resolve it privately or take it to an officer. We do not expect that everyone gets along fabulously. But we do expect everyone to be mature enough to put aside your differences and build a conducive raiding environment.

Boobs has avoided major drama for a long time but eventually every guild will have to deal with it... or disband. I do not believe this will be our fate.

Let us move on and focus on getting ready for Ulduar. We will be taking a good look at our raiders and filling gaps as necessary. Look forward to lots of new posts on Ulduar boss strats and videos.
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Who loves drama?
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