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 Kungen on Eradar Twins

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PostSubject: Kungen on Eradar Twins   Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:19 pm


Kungen on Eradar Twins


Ok every US guild out there are whining about stacked raids or whatever.

Ill make some things clear.

We started 14.40 today, which means we barely had any people to pick from. We had 0 enhancement shamans, 1 rogue online. That's the only reason we did not use a melee group. I had to ****ing call under geared casuals on their cellphones to log on for the raid. The setup we had is far from optimal both class wise and gear wise. Ill say it again, we only made a hunter group and two caster groups since we didn't have any melees to pick from. On the next kill we'll most likely have a full melee group.

We raided around 10 hours the first day on the Eradar Twins and we didn't even beat p1. We used the wrong strategy, just as all other guilds out there seem to do .

Today we came back with a totally new strategy and got to P2 in a few tries, then we killed them after 4 hours. The 5 tries before our kill was basically 110% kills and 25 man alive in p2. We just wiped cause of WORLD FIRST NERVES, whole raid going panic mode at low % .

Either way, total spent was around 14 hours. Which is way less then all US guilds out there. Get over yourself, you just suck.

Also there is nothing random in the encounter, we can beat it every single try, we do not need some special magical try. If you need that then you're doing it wrong. Trust me.

We used 10 healers, 2 tanks and 13 dps. We can use 8 healers, 5 melee dps and whatever else you want us to use the next kill and still own it. We just took the raid we had online, belived in it and kicked ass. It's not harder then that.

Personally I believe we have the best ****ing dps in the world by far, we can always use more healers then needed and never have any issues with Enrage timers.

PS: STILL 0 glaives.

Omg I edited some important information, hope no one saw it. "REMOVED"
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Kungen on Eradar Twins
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