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 Argent Tournament... Don't get crusader title

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PostSubject: Argent Tournament... Don't get crusader title   Tue Jun 02, 2009 5:13 pm

I mentioned this in guild a couple of days ago, but for anyone who doesn't know.

DON'T hand in the valiant's quest for the 5th faction. Just keep amassing the tokens.
The reason being is that as soon as you are champ with all factions the valiant quests close. Since 2 of them are parallel with champion's quests they're really a freebie, plus the valiant's charge only takes 3 minutes it's only the Blade's edge that's a PITA.

Anyway if you add up the cash from these quests it equates to about 1k per month, so unless you're flush with cash then it's worth hanging on before you hand in the last quest to get the Crusader title.

Blizz have said that they will fix this but it'll hit when 3.2 hits and my guess is that will be close to september. We're already in June and 3.2 isn't close to hitting the PTRs yet.

so bottom line is that if you want easy cash and don't care about the crusader title, just wait a couple of months before you hand it in.
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Argent Tournament... Don't get crusader title
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