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 2.4 Fishing n PvP quests

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PostSubject: 2.4 Fishing n PvP quests   Fri Apr 18, 2008 3:56 pm

Interesting 2.4 stuff. Some info I did not know about the new 2.4 quests on fishing and pvp.


By Miyari 21 days ago

Besides all that wacky Sunwell stuff, 2.4 also brought in some new daily quests for people who love to fish, PVP or do both at the same time.

Daily Fishing Quests
These quests are given by Old Man Barlo who can be found on the shore of Slimyr Lake outside Shattrath City. The quest is random each day and are similar to the cooking Dailies given by The Rokk. The different quests require varied levels of fishing skill so players with lower skill may not be able to complete a certain day's quest. Each quest involves travel across Outland to different locations, and every day will feature a random quest out of five.
Bait Bandits - Terokkar Forest (355 skill)
Crocolisks in the City - Ogrimmar or Stormwind (1 skill)
Felblood Fillet - Hellfire Peninsula (275 skill) or Shadowmoon Valley (380 skill)
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy - Zangarmarsh (300 skill)
The One That Got Away - Nagrand (380 skill)
The reward for these quests is a Bag of Fishing Treasures which can contain some gold, grey items, and (of course) fish. You also have a chance to get Sharpened Fish Hooks, a Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, or a cooking recipe to make Captain Rumsey's Lager. Most importantly, though, the bag has a chance to contain one of four non-combat crocolisk pets!

Daily World PVP Quests
Patch 2.4.0 introduced new Daily PVP quests in Terrokar Forest and Nagrand. The quests are given at their respective faction camps in each zone.

Alliance questgiver: Lakoor in Telaar
Horde questgiver: Karrtog in Garadar
You must defeat 10 players of the opposing faction in the vicinity of Halaa in order to complete this quest, actually capturing Halaa is not required.
In Defense of Halaa (Alliance)
Enemies Old and New (Horde)
The reward for this quest is 209 honor and 11 gold 99 silver at Level 70.

Terokkar Forest
Alliance questgiver: Exorcist Sullivan in Allerian Stronghold
Horde questgiver: Exorcist Vaisha in Stonebreaker Hold
You must capture the spirit towers in order to receive quest credit and this can only be accomplished once every 6 hours.
Spirits of Auchindoun (Alliance)
Spirits of Auchindoun (Horde)
The reward for this quest is 209 honor and 11 gold 99 silver at Level 70.[u]
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2.4 Fishing n PvP quests
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