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 Sunwell Interview with Grandeath by Nessaj @ 17 Apr 2008, 11:00 PM

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PostSubject: Sunwell Interview with Grandeath by Nessaj @ 17 Apr 2008, 11:00 PM   Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:44 pm

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Sunwell Interview with Grandeath by Nessaj @ 17 Apr 2008, 11:00 PM

The Nihilum Sunwell Interview Offensive; Nihilum columnist and Paladin Class Leader Anders, also known as Grandeath, or Gd, is the interview "victim" of the week.

Hi Anders! Please introduce yourself to those who do not know who you are.

Hi! I'm 29 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden. WoW is my first MMORPG and I started playing it in the public beta together with a friend from Unreal Tournament 99, Aerith. Back in the beta I played a warrior, but when retail came I rolled an alliance human male paladin named Grandeath. Did the whole retribution thing until I did Onyxia for the first time and realised that, above everything else, I loved keeping people alive! Aside from offspec-ing protection now and then, holy has been my main spec ever since.

You're the Paladin Class Leader, but you haven't been in Nihilum for that long. In fact, the Eredar Twins kill was your first and only world first kill together with Nihilum?

Correct, I'm pretty new in Nihilum. I played an alliance char from the start of retail and until May 2007. That's when I re-rolled horde and joined Nihilum in greens and blues. Nihilum took me in and geared me up in Karazhan and farm instances, but given my gear and the fact that we had enough paladins back then, I obviously didn't get any raid spots for progress raids. During all the instances and world firsts up until Illidan, I was simply on Ventrilo listening and imagining what it was like, cheering for the raiders and looking forward to when my time would come! Now in Sunwell, I've been there on all of Nihilum's first kills, including our world first on Eredar Twins. An amazing feeling really!

How do you rank the difficulty of progressing through Sunwell Plateau versus, for example, the initial version of Black Temple, from a paladin's point of view?

The short answer would be that I think it's been relatively easy. But you have to remember that it's a small instance, as was intended by Blizzard. They didn't want a new huge instance like Naxxramas, but rather something short that raiders can go through faster, so that most raiders have seen all of Sunwell when WotLK comes. To be honest, Sunwell doesn't really feel like a real instance. I've said enough in earlier posts and columns about what I think of the gate system, and truth is, at the moment I feel that Black Temple will still be the last real instance in The Burning Crusade, sadly enough.
I don't know if all readers will understand this, but this is how I feel about it anyway. I am however still looking forward to M'uru and Kil'jaeden! I really hope Kil'jaeden will be hard as hell and not just a race of who starts to raid first! I wouldn't mind if the top guilds get stuck on him for a week or two!

Who's the easiest boss healing wise and who's the hardest?

The easiest one in my opinion is Kalecgos. But this comes natural also because, as the first boss in Sunwell, he is a pretty simple boss overall. The hardest one to heal right now might be the Twins. When guilds came to Brutallus the first time it seemed he was extremely hard to heal, that the tanks took insane amounts of damage. But of course the healing has improved for most guilds, and now Brutallus seems like a walk in the park. And at first Felmyst and the damage from encapsulate seemed very hard to heal, but as usual, all guilds adapt, learn and get better with experience. Even though later on when we face M'uru and Kil'jaden I might change my mind about the Twins, but I believe they are the hardest boss to heal because of not only the normal tank damage and sometimes insane raid damage, but also because of stuns on the raid at bad times.

Could you take us through a paladin's job on the first three bosses, Kalecgos, Brutallus and Felmyst?

Sure. This is how Nihilum paladins do it on these bosses.


On Kalecgos we use 3 holy paladins. Pretty simple boss overall. Tank healing as usual. Cleanse dragon tank when needed. Don't count on other tank healers to be around, be ready to solo heal a tank, especially inside at the demon. Make sure you take portals as you are supposed to, so that no tank is ever without at least one healer. Be aware of when tanks taunt. Easy boss, closest thing to a challenge is when you are the only healer inside healing demon tank. But this shouldn't ever be a problem either.


On Brutallus we use a retribution paladin, Gaap. I won't comment on his job except the obvious "do damage and stay alive". Then we have 2 holy paladins. One holy paladin heals tanks, the other heals burns. Tank healing is divided so that we have healers healing the current tank on one hand, and on the other hand a resto druid pre healing the tank that's about to taunt. Our paladin tank healer does normal tank healing on the current tank. While the tank is taking normal damage, he uses a mix of Holy Light and Flash of Light, and when stomp is on the tank, he uses only Holy Light. The holy paladin that heals burn does this with a resto druid. The holy paladin heals the player with burn who has the least amount of time left on it, and is hence taking the most damage. The druid heals both this target, but also hots up other burn players who got longer time left on their debuff. If a paladin gets burn, we bubble instantly the first time. If we get it a second time we move to the right spot like everyone else.


On Felmyst we use 2 holy paladins and a protection paladin, me. The holy paladins heal the phase 1 main tank, which is pretty easy, you just need to heal through Corrosion effectively. The protection paladin keeps improved Crusader on Felmyst in phase 1, as well as backup Cleanse anything that doesn't get Gas Nova dispelled instantly. All paladins who get encapsulate bubble, obviously. In phase 2, the protection paladin waits for the first skeletons to spawn and aggros them. He starts building threat and checks for the other spawning skeletons, uses taunt and exorcism to get their attention. Then he gathers all skeletons at the decided gathering spot, always building aoe threat with Consecration, still watching for aggro gained by casters, to cast taunt. Skeleton tanking is also being helped by the phase 1 main tank. After that it is just keeping aggro, taunting when needed, running and avoiding deep breath when necessary. When Felmyst comes down to start phase 1 again, all paladins get ready to BoP anyone who isn't supposed to have aggro, hence making sure phase 1 main tank gets aggro. Rinse and repeat!

You've been bringing a retribution paladin with you on raids, what's your opinion on retribution suddenly being such a vital part of raiding in Sunwell?

The sensitive topic of retribution paladins! We do use a retribution paladin on Brutallus, but no other boss. The reason we use it on Brutallus is because of the healing setup we want to use. Basically we want 3 blessings but only 2 holy paladins. I guess Gaap, our retribution paladin, does ok dps. It depends on whether he gets a good group or not, but I don't see Nihilum bringing a retribution paladin to raids for the sole use of having a retribution paladin. On the other hand, they say "never say never". So we will see, I guess! Retribution paladins have become better and better, no doubt about it.

I've seen that you're protection spec a lot, mostly in Black Temple and Mount Hyjal though. Have you had the chance to tank in Sunwell Plateau yet?

True, I've done some tanking in Black Temple and Hyjal. No main tanking, Kungen always does that! I've switched to healing gear on the bosses where no offtanking was needed at all. Tanking Hyjal trash is fun and always appreciated by our aoe spamming mages and warlocks. In general I love being protection and I take every chance I get to be that spec. However, it's hard on my gold. I respec once a week, twice if I do BT/Hyjal as a tank. But it's all good, I'm having a lot of fun!

In Sunwell, every guild as far as I know uses a protection paladin on Felmyst phase 2 skeleton adds. That job is simply perfect for a paladin and can't be done as effectively by any other class. Since we've been farming Black Temple and Hyjal ever since Illidan world first, I've had lots of chances to gear up for protection, and I have pretty good gear today! Healers don't have any problems keeping me up, so I buff up my spelldamage slightly for that fight, for max threat. Even though our dps goes crazy sometimes and they do huge damage a very short time after I originally got aggro, and my grid is lit up with mages and locks who get aggro, we never really have any problems with Felmyst phase 2. Kungen and I taunting adds off the raid works fine. It goes smoothly and it's a lot of fun!

As far as other bosses go, no, there has not been any need for a protection paladin. Our most experienced tanks are protection warriors and feral druids, and they get the job done best. But for M'uru and Kil'Jaeden - who knows? Nihilum will use whatever works best for a fight, so we will see!

Neg mentioned dungeon design in his Naxxramas column. How about Sunwell Plateau's design, or 2.4 in general, too much Silvermoon copy paste?

Nah, I guess it's just a natural path of design. I'm not a fan of the Blood Elf culture design in general, but I don't get annoyed by it either. I prefer the Naxxramas design, of course! The Sunwell design is ok, I guess. In Nihilum we all love the Brutallus fire! When raid is over, we gather there, sit around in a circle and talk about fluffy cuddly things on vent. Zooki sits there singing and holding his kite dragon. Everyone is hugging each other and barbecuing hot-dogs and marshmallows. Yes, amazing fire. And design.

What's your impression of the gameplay in 2.4, Sun Isle event, the new daily quests, Magisters' Terrace etc?

Daily quests and 5-man instances aren't my thing, to be honest. Daily quests, I've done maybe five Sunwell dailies in total. (Sorry Magtheridon for not contributing!) Magisters Terrace was ok to do once or twice. Then it was boring. I've done heroic MgT four times or so to get the tank trinket and now that I have it, I'm not sure if I'll ever return! But everyone should do MgT atleast once, for the sole reason of seeing the Sunwell cinematic from clicking the orb! That was nice. I've also bought the tanking ring from the badge vendor, so something nice came out of that as well. Cloze was, however, really disappointed when he learned that the whole "glaives for badges" thing was a joke. There went his chances, haha. In general I have no comments about the gameplay in 2.4 except that I appreciate the spell haste changes, the fact that our GCD can go down below 1.5 second, and that we got spell haste gems. Makes for interesting new gearing options.

Cloze, the Rogue Class Leader, mentioned that "Healers are our [Nihilum's] Achilles heel" in his Sunwell interview. Ghorok, Shaman Class Leader, later agreed in his interview with Cloze, though as he said "to some extent" - Are healers the Achilles heel of Nihilum?

Well, without saying too much about Nihilum culture, let's just say that it's common practice to blame others. It's never your own fault. When a dps survives it's not because of healers, but because they potted godly. When dps die, it's not because they sucked with potting, but because healers suck! The stories can go on and on. But the truth is we have both tanks, dpsers and healers who need to improve, and we got both tanks, dpsers and
healers who play extremely well. I don't agree with healers being our Achilles heel because that's just Cloze being cocky! But on the other hand, that's how we like our Cloze! So no hard feelings from me or anyone, I think. After all he is our backup Hitler, taking charge when Kungen has water in his computer, etc. He is allowed to say such stuff. At the end of the day, no one is perfect. Some make more mistakes than others, but as a team we are extremely good, no doubt about it!

There's been rumours (false rumours of course) about Nihilum having exploited their World First Eredar Twins kill. What do you think about rumours like that appearing, and what's your reponse to them?

Rumours are sometimes based on facts, and sometimes not. Rumours are neither fact nor knowledge. Rumours act more like a conversation topic, something to talk about when you are bored I guess. Of course these rumours are false! We used a great tactic to kill Twins that involved no exploits at all. How does a rumour like this start? We've seen all the other Twins videos, and basically other guilds aren't using our tactic. Kungen has already talked about this in detail in our forum, so no need for me to go into it, but point is rumours like this one come from ignorance. Ignorance in thinking that "we know all possible tactics, and none of them is how Nihilum described their tactic, hence they must be exploiting". Just thinking about it makes me pissed at how stupid people can be in this world. Just accept the fact that you just might not be aware of all possible ways of killing a boss! What else is there to say? All who believe such rumours are idiots, no offense, and we in Nihilum laughed so much at you over this! CLIMB THE LAMP!!!

A Twins movie is being worked on at the moment by the same pro guy that did our very well made Illidan movie, so be sure to check it out when it is released!

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Sunwell Interview with Grandeath by Nessaj @ 17 Apr 2008, 11:00 PM
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