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 Brewfest Guide Sept 20 - Oct 4

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PostSubject: Brewfest Guide Sept 20 - Oct 4   Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:17 pm

I'll update this if any of the quests change, but I didn't actually participate in this last year so it's all new to me.



1) STRANGE BREW - you need to drink 9 drinks from the 3 companies, Trolls Ogres Orcs

2) BREW OF THE MONTH - You need to take the membership form to Ray'ma in Org - she's in the hut where the portals take you - 200 tokens needed

3) DIREBREWFEST - Kill Coren Direbrew - a L80e in BRD.

4) DISTURBING THE PEACE - wear 3 bits of brewfest garb, get smashed and dance in dalaran
Chest - Hat - Boots... goggles DON'T count. - 350 tokens needed

5) DOES YOUR WOLPERTINGER LINGER - buy a pet for 45s from a brewfest vendor

6) THE BREWFEST DIET - just eat a load of food from the vendor... costs a few silver that's about it

7) DRUNKEN STUPOR - get completely smashed and fall 65 yards (and survive)... one place to do it sounds like the elevator at the scryers... when you land don't land on the bridge, aim to the left or right of it.

Cool DOWN WITH THE DARK IRON - they spawn every 30 mins for 5 mins. Drink the freeze booze on the table while aiming at a dark dwarf, bind this to a key and keep spamming new mugs at them. Try not to let them destroy the kegs. If you see a Super Brew Stein, use it, it'll whirlwind. - earns 10 tokens repeatable every 12h

9) HAVE KEG, WILL TRAVEL - get a brewfest mount or transform your mount using hops (5 tokens) - I think you can buy one for 10g too

How to get tokens...
40 for killing Coren Direbrew and handing in the quest (Insult Coren Direbrew daily from inside Grim Guzzler BRD pick up the dire brew and hand in to razor hill)
10 two times a day for defending against the dark iron attacks
15 per day for Barking the brew in the city on the ram - do AH - Honor - Wisdom - Spirits, canter up to 90 fatigue then trot until you drop to 30 then back to canter.
~30 tokens for the ram run every 12 hours.

so lets say you need 560 tokens and each day if you do 1 ram run, a barking and a dark iron defense then you can get 55 per day... and 40 for the first BRD you do then you're looking at 10 days, it's a two week event, so very possible even if the wife Vetos you for a couple of days
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Brewfest Guide Sept 20 - Oct 4
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