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 Current List of 3.3.2 Bugs

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PostSubject: Current List of 3.3.2 Bugs   Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:35 pm


main issues that may affect/are affecting us:

Spamming the Auto Attack button causes the character to play the attack animation even though no actual attack is done.
NPCs may path behind players while engaged in combat when the player moves backward.
The spell that awards quest credit for the Shadow's Edge quest "Frost Infusion" does not ignore Line of Sight.
You will not receive quest credit for "Frost Infusion" if you are trapped in an Ice Tomb as Sindragosa is killed.
The Lightweave effect is proccing off of Fel Armor's Health Regeneration ticks.
Rogue Poison procs are missing sound.
The Warrior's Tier 10 4 piece bonus is not giving Global Cooldown to its intended abilities. (I think this is referring to the dps warrs)
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Current List of 3.3.2 Bugs
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