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 BIS item list (including enchants and profession)

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BIS item list (including enchants and profession) Empty
PostSubject: BIS item list (including enchants and profession)   BIS item list (including enchants and profession) EmptySun Jan 30, 2011 6:00 pm

Hey guys, was just casually surfing for BIS gear list and stumble across this from the warlock forum.


Includes all class in it, tried looking at lock BIS, juz realised that with their guided gearing, my lock still not haste optimal, at least by -4%. Hope you guys take it with a pinch of salt, and look at it.

Able to sort : pre raid, T11 and T11.5

* These stats include full raid buffs.
* These stats factor in any talents that affect your stats. If you have loaded a character from the armory, and you are currently viewing gear for the character's active spec, the character's talents will be used. Otherwise, Mr. Robot's default talent specs will be used.
* Dodge and parry show the total after all talents, and diminishing returns. Dodge (from gear) and Parry (from gear) show the total from your gear and stats before diminishing returns.
* Trinket on-use effects and procs are estimated and averaged into your stats. Read more about how Mr. Robot handles trinkets.
* You may notice that some stats are very slightly off, particularly attack power. These small deviations have no impact on choosing gear, gems, enchants, or reforges! That said, if you do notice a significant error in any stat, please tell us!
* ** means that a 'Total Score' cannot be calculated at this time due to a recent change that you have made; this usually means that the gear set was created based on different stat weights than those that are currently loaded.
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BIS item list (including enchants and profession)
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