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 BoObs News - Rotation

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PostSubject: BoObs News - Rotation   Wed Apr 30, 2008 10:49 am

I've had some tells about some concerns amongst the guildies about rotations and our guild's recruitment. We don't recruit just enough, we recruit to rotate. But that said, we aim to keep rotation less than 50% and we current do have a healthy rotation of less than 50% based on the numbers we have.

Ramming...er...I mean releasing some figures ..down the throat...to share with our guildies. Hopefully that will debunk some myth. These are all active geared players that we normally bring to the raid.

We have 12 and we bring 6-7 to raid.

Figures in bracket is the number of the class we normally bring to 1 raid.

Resto Druid: 2 (1)

Feral Druid: 2 (1)

Hunters: 4 (2)

Mages: 6 (3)

Prot Pally: 2 (1)

Holy Pally: 3 (2)

Holy Priest: 4 (2)

Shadow Priest: 1 (1)

Rogues: 4 (2)

Resto Shaman: 3 (2)

Enh Shaman: 2 (1)

Ele Shaman: 1 (1)

Warlocks: 5 (3)

Prot Warrior: 4 (2)

DPS Warrior 1 (1)

As all can see, rotation ratio is actually healthy.
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BoObs News - Rotation
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