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 No show last night =(

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No show last night =( Empty
PostSubject: No show last night =(   No show last night =( EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 6:46 am

Hey guys,
I cant express how sorry I am not showing up last night. We had a black out here and the power didnt come back on till like 12 or 1 am WA time thismorning!
I feel I have let the team down, its always my luck that shit like this happens. We never normally get black outs here and the time I want to fucking raid with a bunch of awsome mutha fuckas something happens Crying or Very sad In the past with previous raid guilds I have been in I usually have the GM's phone number to let him know whats going on (even though it doesnt happen much, but I am sure you guys have all been in this boat before) It's kinda hard when you are only on trial and just getting to know people.

I understand if this has fucked my trial up as to you guys are serious raiders and you need reliable members, if you havent replaced me and can find somewhere deep down in your soft squishy loving hearts forgivness and need me monday I will be more then happy to show you I am one of the most honest, dinkum and reliable person you have ever met.

Either way I intend to be on at 8.30PM monday weather you need me or not I will be on to show my dedication.
Sorry once again guys, I myself know how annoying, frustrating and uncool it is when a key raid member doesnt show up. It sucks!

If I dont make the team, which I think there is a good chance I wont I can re-assure you guys I now have certain protocols now in place so it wont happen again.
If I dont speak to any of you before hand hope you all hava wicked weekend and hopefully see ya's on wow Very Happy

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No show last night =(
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