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 wtb chat police !

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PostSubject: wtb chat police !   Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:23 am


was taking a break from reading serious stuff and found this funny piece

i r 'Candy Coated Shit Nugget' who /kiss everyone's asses and i just love the name of this type of 'class'

but man i miss 'Jealous Toddler'


edited to add my main spec in wotlk


also some new talents in wotlk from 'farmer' class

- improved bag slots = you gain an additional 1 bag slot in your inventory (5/5)
- im on a roll = on your next greed/need roll, automatically rolls a 100, 1hr cd (3/3) every point decreases CD by 10mins
- mount whisperer = always win a roll if rolling for a mount

Autoloot = your autoloot option is always ON and cannot be set to OFF
Innocent = automatically lose next roll on green level items if you have won an item recently to avoid suspicion and hate
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wtb chat police !
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