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 Gear up for [RAID] not for gear up

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PostSubject: Gear up for [RAID] not for gear up   Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:20 am

Hello everyone, as you all know BoOBs is progressing nicely and we have T4 bosses on farm. However, there are some who I think take things for granted. They tend to be so complacent.

Lately I've been seeing undergeared raiders in raid. The gear they have aren't suitable with the content that we are focusing in, thus risking our guild's progression.

For your information, BoOBs has its goals and these goals have its own datelines too. Delaying the progression will cause some problems to the guild.

BoOBs wants its raiders to be ready. BoOBs need raiders who gear up for raid, master the class they play, know the boss they fight and disciplined.

We aren't hardcore, we don't raid everyday. We have enough time to gear up. Heroics, heroics and more heroics. Craft your own epics. Have them slotted and echanted properly. Research and consumables. Know your upgrades that are suitable for you and where to get them.

The levels are as follows: Normal instances > Heroic instances > Karazhan > 25man raid and ZA

Skipping the first 2 levels will result of you becoming a liabilty and risking others who had worked hard.

So please, do your part as a raider if you want to become one. Expect no special treatment. Be fair with others. It is all about what you can do for the guild and not what the guild can do for you.

Thank you. study
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PostSubject: Re: Gear up for [RAID] not for gear up   Thu Apr 24, 2008 12:38 pm

Raid members selection is key in control here.

I believe it already exist but i suggest again all class leaders will be mindful to do an inspection of raid members b4 admitting into/commencement of the raid.

Even if admitted, members be prepared to be ejected out of the raid due to the lack of suitable gears. no hard feelings. we are against the gears and skillz and not agst the person.

for example, the article i posted the other day, the pally class leader of nihilim spent about half a year doing stuff until being admited into the raids and involved in their regular world firsts.
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PostSubject: Re: Gear up for [RAID] not for gear up   Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:32 pm

i think the officers have some part to play too when inviting undergeared raiders to raid. we have to start looking at who we invite. but we want to make it clear that this is not penalizing anyone, we do want the undergeared members to raid with us. But we will be more selective on the type of ppl we bring into for certain progressive content.

But Seladang brought up a good pt that raiders whether undergeared or overgeared should first rely on themselves to gear up than wait for the raid for upgrades.

One other observation that i have is ppl are passing on upgrades for the sake of hoarding EP. there's a decay every week and we will be sticking to the same raids for some time until we can farm it so you have alot of chances to gain EP back. If it's an upgrade pls take it.

At the end of the day, when you join us, we expect you to raid, we want you to raid, but not detrimental to guild's progression, so help us help you. There is bias in selection but only of your gears/skills/attitude but i assure you there is no favoritism and if you think there is somehting fishy about your class rotations pls talk to your class leader and if it's your class leader you suspect any shenanigans off, you can always talk to me.

Lastly, c'mon guys just 1 bad day at raid, Chin Up! It will take more practise to get it on farm though we killed it before.

Look at Mag: wk1: 5 tries, wk2: 3 tries, wk3: 1 shot, wk4: 1shot
Look VR (buffed up version): wk1: 4 tries, wk2: 1 shot

Practise, practise, practise and just enjoy your game!
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PostSubject: Re: Gear up for [RAID] not for gear up   Thu Apr 24, 2008 8:59 pm

Dear Guildie,

Below are some expectations that Guild Officers have of a fellow Guildie Raider. Please read this carefully. The reason this guild is so successful so far, is because we have a great number of like-minded guildie striving/working in the same direction. As such, we want to keep it this way to continue the success of the guild. Thank you for reading.

Invitation to raid
Since the guild is fairly big now, not everyone will be invited to the raids. Invitation to raid is not first come first served (although punctuality plays a small part), nor is it based on favouritism or how long u have been in the guild. It is based on following criteria decided by the raid leaders upon raid formation:
- punctuality (if you turn up earlier compared to your peers, there is a slightly higher chance you may be invited since we want to start the raid promptly by 9:30 PM GMT+Cool,
- class mix required for the fight,
- your gear/skill/attitude as recommended by the class leaders

If you find yourself not invited to the raid for long periods, it may be good to examine if any of the above factors are lacking. If you feel there is no justification for you being excluded from the raid for long periods (not just 1-2 weeks), we encourage you to talk to your raid leader to find a solution. That said, we believe in giving everyone a fair chance to raid, and we believe in open communication.

Come prepared
It cannot be emphasized more that if you are a regular raider, you should come prepared physically and mentally. Bear in mind it is not just you playing the game for yourself, but with 24 other friends. If you are lacking in preparation, then you are letting down 24 people.

Preparations include:
- Gemming your gear properly. Theorycrafting about what is best for you will be needed. Class forums may help point you in right direction; if not then talk to class leaders.
- Enchanting properly. As above
- Bring your mats (pots/flasks/food buffs/weapon oils)
- Read up on the fight in advanced. Bosskiller is a good site.
- Have the essential MODS for raiding
- Make sure your voice chat is turned on and working as the Raid leader gives instructions on this.

BTW Guild Bank has a fair amount of Void crystals and Mark of the Ilidari that you can purchase with EP if you do not have time to farm for mats. Mark of the Ilidari can be used to purchase Flasks if you have the exalted rep with the Aldor or Scryers, the Sha'tar and the Cenarion Expedition. With the next patch 2.4.2, void crystal can be shattered to Large Prismatic Shards without cooldown.

We all want to have fun, and wipes are no fun. So I hope we all have the same mindset and goals in the raid. That means avoid long AFKs which means you waste 24 other people's time... RL>WOW, so if you need to go due to RL issues, feeling sleepy, or some PC problems, inform someone and leave the raid so that someone else can join. There is no penalty for this, and it is the right thing and polite thing to do. We strive to make raiding a concerted and pleasant effort for all.

Gearing Up
The other thing is to gear up proactively for the raid. There are plenty of opportunities like heroic badges, heroic instances, karazhan, ZA etc to get good gear. If your gear level is not appropriate for the raid we are attempting, we may have to ask you to sit out. It is nothing personal, but for practical reasons. I hope everyone understands that.
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PostSubject: Re: Gear up for [RAID] not for gear up   

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Gear up for [RAID] not for gear up
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